Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) at ECU

East Carolina University (ECU) recognizes that its employees may be searching for ways to achieve better work-life balance, reduce commuting costs, or address other issues that affect their ability to work onsite at university facilities or work traditional work schedules. As such, University managers can utilize flexible work arrangements to meet departmental needs while at the same time providing enhanced flexibility to employees, in accordance with the University Flexible Work Arrangement and Remote Work Regulation. Additionally, each department/unit must have its own approved Flexible Work Arrangement Standard Operating Procedure to utilize flexible work arrangements.

ECU encourages supervisors to review the job duties and responsibilities of their employees and, when feasible and appropriate, allow them to work remotely, either partially or fully, while ensuring the business needs of the department and ECU can be accomplished without detriment. Further, in accordance with the University Flexible Work Arrangement and Remote Work Regulation, ECU will provide flexible working arrangements, including remote work, when it is in both the best interest of the university and its employees, to improve job productivity and departmental efficiencies; promote the recruitment and/or retention of a highly qualified workforce; achieve administrative efficiencies; promote/achieve space efficiencies; promote sustainable environmental practices; ensure continuity of operations; and to allow for competitive advantages.

Flexible work arrangements, including remote work, are at the University’s discretion and the opportunity to work remotely may be withdrawn at any time. Employees who are allowed to work remotely must comply with all University rules, policies, practices, and instructions and understand that violations may result in termination of remote work privileges and/or discipline up to, and including, dismissal from the University. Remote work does not change the basic terms and conditions of employment with the University. Remote work assignments do not change an employee’s classification, compensation, or benefits. The accrual and charging of leave time are subject to the same policies and procedures applicable to non-remote work employees.

Remote Work at ECU

ECU typically requires that work be performed on University property, during normally scheduled work hours as determined by the supervisor. ECU may permit or direct designated employees to work at alternate work locations for all or part of the workweek.

Flexible Work Schedules at ECU

While maintaining core service hours is part of our mission, the University also recognizes that many of our employees value flexibility in work schedules. The University supports flexibility in the development of individual work schedules as long as the overall responsibilities of the unit, division, and University are not compromised.

FWA Frequently Asked Questions and Work Rules

In order to assist Employees and Supervisors understand Flexible Work Arrangements practices and policies at ECU, the University has shared Frequently asked questions and work rules relating to Flexible Work Arrangements. Questions that are not answered here may be sent to ECU Human Resources at EmployeeRelations@ecu.edu.

Tools For FWA Employees and Supervisors

There are numerous computer-based tools available to ECU employees and supervisors to aid in the success of Flexible Work Arrangements at the University. If an employee or supervisor has questions about specific software, documents, or computer peripheral not found listed, please reach out to the Department of Information Technology and Computer Services to submit a service request.

Training for FWA Employees and Supervisors

ECU provides training through our learning management system, Cornerstone, to aid both employees and supervisors in successfully navigating flexible work arrangements and working remotely. If specific training is not found, please reach out to Learning and Organizational Development in Human Resources at HRDevelopment@ecu.edu.

FWA Forms and Documents

Various forms and documents related to Flexible Work Arrangements can be found here.