Benefits at ECU

The University offers eligible employees a flexible and comprehensive benefits package, including but not limited to: retirement savings, group health plan coverage, disability coverage, valuable work-life and wellness programs, educational assistance, and more. These programs can help employees attain their retirement savings and career goals, as well as help to meet their everyday needs. Our programs are designed to allow employees to tailor a benefits package that best meets their unique needs.



HR Benefits Policy Disclaimer

While we make every effort to present this information accurately, this is just a summary overview.  That means lots of details, explanations, and qualifiers may be left out.  It is intended only to provide general guidance and you should not rely on it as a complete or binding explanation of the topics.  If this information differs from the language or intent of the formal published legal or policy requirements, that authoritative information prevails.  Please contact the Benefits Office at 252-328-9887 for advice about your specific situation.