Management Policies

The Department of Human Resources (HR) provides services to support managers in many facets of the employee life cycle, to include: employment, employee relations, classification, compensation, and benefits. Below are policies to assist managers of SHRA, CSS, DMSS, and EHRA Non-Faculty employees. Select the policy title for more information for each subject area.


Benefits Policies

HR provides guidance to managers on a wide range of programs, plans, enrollment, and separation procedures to assist University management in the implementation and policy interpretation of the Federal and State guidelines to include but not limited to: FLSA, FMLA, State Retirement systems and comprehensive leave procedures.

Leave & Holidays


Separations & Transfers



Classification & Compensation Policies

HR provides guidance on a variety of campus-wide human resources activities on position management and classification to include consultation, position design, position classification, compensation analysis, training, and administration of classification programs for the university.



Position Classification


Wage & Hour



Employee Relations Policies

HR assists managers and supervisors of SHRA, CSS, DMSS, and EHRA Non-Faculty employees in addressing conduct expectations and performance management, mediation, disciplinary or other SHRA, CSS, DMSS, or EHRA Non-Faculty employee concerns.

Consultations & Trainings


Disciplinary Action Policy


Employee Exit Process


Mediation & Grievance


Performance Management


Probationary Period



Employment Policies

HR strives to attract diverse and highly qualified candidates and assist managers in the recruitment and selection process that results in hiring individuals that will contribute to the achievement of the University’s mission.



Recruitment & Selection


For information on Temporary Policies & Procedures, refer to the position type for appropriate resources or Temporary Policies & Procedures.

For information on Student Employment Policies & Procedures, refer to Student Employment Policies & Procedures.

Guide for Employee vs Independent Contractors can be found here.