HR Forms

HR forms are listed below by category. If you need any of these documents in an alternative format for accessibility purposes, please contact HR directly.


Employment | Temporary Employment | Student Employment | Classification & Compensation | Employee Relations | Leave | Retirement | Learning & Organizational Development | HR Systems



Approval Secondary Employment Form
Approval for Dual Employment for EHRA Form
Interview Checklist
List of Acceptable I-9 documents
Online Employment Application
Rating Sheet
Reference Check Form
Related Persons Questionnaire
Request for SHRA/CSS/DMSS Employee to Teach a Course
Compensation Request Form


Temporary Employment

Hiring Manager Letter for Temporary Employment
Information for the Temporary Employee
Online Employment Application
Temporary Employment End of Assignment Evaluation form
Temporary Employee Letter.


Student Employment

Hiring Manager – Hiring Packet
Online Employment Application
Student Employee Hiring Packet


Classification & Compensation

Compensation Request Form


Employee Relations

COVID-Report Noncompliant Employee
CSS Performance Evaluation Form
ECU Home Safety Checklists and Procedures
ECU Property Assignment Form
EHRA Non-Faculty Exit Interview Questionnaire
Employee Separation Checklist
Employee Transfer Checklist
New Employee Entry Checklist
Non-Faculty EHRA Review and Appeal Form
SHRA/CSS/DMSS Exit Interview (Transferring within ECU)
SHRA/CSS/DMSS Exit Interview Questionnaire (Leaving ECU)
SHRA Mediation & Grievance Step 1 Appeal Form
SHRA Mediation & Grievance Step 2 Appeal Form
Teleworking Application/Agreement for ECU
Telework Status Report



Faculty Serious Illness & Parental Leave Request Form (FSIL) (Faculty Only)
Family and Medical Leave Request Form (FMLA)
Families First Coronavirus Response Act Request Form (FFCRA) (eligibility for this leave ended on 12/31/20)
Medical Release to Return to Work
Paid Parental Leave Request Form (PPL)
Request to Donate Voluntary Shared Leave Form
Request to Receive Voluntary Shared Leave Form



North Carolina 401(k) Forms (Prudential)
North Carolina 457(b) Forms (Prudential)
ORP-1 Form (Election and Forfeiture Agreement)
ORP-2 Form (Notice of Change in Retirement Vendor)
ORP-3 Form (Acknowledgement of Participation)
UNC System 403(b) Enrollment and Change Form
UNC System 457(b) Enrollment and Change Form


Learning & Organizational Development

Service Awards Correction Form
Treasured Pirate Nomination Form


HR Systems

HR Security