Student Employment

The Student Employment Office (SEO) provides support to the entire campus and community throughout the hiring process of ECU student employees. SEO maintains an online job database to help current ECU students connect with part-time job opportunities both on and off-campus. Working a part-time job on or off-campus enables students to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom toward future employment. Students who work while going to school have an opportunity to help pay for the cost of their education while gaining experience and valuable skills to enhance their career goals.

Student Employee Appreciation - 2019



ECU On-Campus Employers

It is mandatory that all Hourly, Flat-Rate, and Federal Work-Study positions be posted within SEO. Log in to People Admin to post your student position.

For more information on how to hire student employees, refer to the Hiring Manager – Hiring Packet.



External Non-ECU Employers

ECU provides Off-Campus recruitment services for Non-ECU Employers. To post an external part-time student position with the SEO, please complete the External Job Posting form. The SEO reserves the right to reject your posting if we feel that it does not meet the best interests of our students. You will receive an e-mail response when your position has been posted. Please notify our office when your student position has been filled.

ECU makes no representations or guarantees about positions listed from outside employers with the Student Employment Office. ECU is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus employment. Further, ECU makes no representation or guarantees to employers regarding student integrity, safety, confidentiality, fitness or competence for employment, or other aspects of off-campus employment. It is the responsibility of the employer to interview, check references and/or perform background checks on its student employment hires.



Self-Help (Hourly) Students

Self-Help positions are part-time, hourly campus jobs that are available to any student that is currently registered at ECU and is in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.) Self-Help positions are part-time positions that are paid directly from the hiring department’s budget. Hourly pay rates will vary depending upon the department’s budget, the student’s experience level, and the required duties and responsibilities of the positions. Self-Help student employees may work up to 40 hours per week. Please see the 25 hour per week cap memo change effective Fall 2018.

For more information on becoming a student employee or what to do after hired, please refer to the Student Employee Hiring Packet.



Federal Work-Study Program

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a Federally-funded program that provides part-time job opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing these students to earn money in which to help pay for educational expenses. The program encourages community service work and work that is related to the student recipient’s course of study.

Eligibility is determined by the annual completion of the FAFSA, enrollment status, and Satisfactory Academic Progress. ONLY students qualified by the Office of Student Financial Aid are eligible to participate in the program. Please note that students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours to participate in the federal work-study program.

Qualified students who accept Federal Work-Study are issued a “FWS Hiring Authorization Form” via ECU email. This form is to be completed by the student and hiring agency. Students are paid hourly, based on experience level. The Hourly Pay Rates for Federal Work-Study Positions range from $8.00-$10.00 per hour. Federal Work-Study Student Employees may not work more than 25 hours per week. The amount of FWS earned cannot exceed the total amount awarded to the student.

FWS students are paid twice a month and must submit time in Kronos. When assigning work hours, students and their employer should consider the student’s award amount, class schedule, and academic progress. If a student works off-campus, their employer will usually be a private nonprofit organization or a public agency, and the work performed must be in the public interest.

For more information on becoming a Federal Work-Study employee, contact Kelly Sikes-Baker at 252-328-4394.

Apply for Federal Work-Study Positions today!



Undergraduate Assistantships

Undergraduate Assistantships are positions in which financial support is given to undergraduate students (typically juniors and seniors) who:

  • have demonstrated superior aptitude in a particular field of study
  • appear likely to render a high quality of service to the University by their teaching, research, and other activities
  • perform specific services in which to further his/her undergraduate equation
  • are in good academic standing (minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA)
  • are enrolled full-time in an on-campus ECU undergraduate degree program

Non-Degree students are not eligible for Undergraduate Assistantships. Undergraduate Assistantships are paid semi-monthly through a salary or stipend. Award amounts vary. The number of hours worked per week will vary by department. Student employees in Undergraduate Assistantships may not work more than 25 hours per week.



Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available to qualified, full-time, degree-seeking graduate students. The primary purpose of Graduate Assistantships is to promote the successful completion of an academic program by enabling students to obtain academic or research experience while making progress towards their graduate degree. Appointments are normally given to those students who:

  • have demonstrated superior aptitude in a particular field of study
  • appear likely to render a high quality of service to the University by their teaching, research, and other activities
  • perform specific services in which to further his/her undergraduate equation
  • are in good academic standing (minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA)
  • are enrolled full-time in an on-campus ECU Graduate degree program

The duties, hours, and pay for Graduate Assistants vary by program. Offers of Assistantships are made directly by the department and are contingent upon the availability of funds. Students who are interested in learning more about Graduate Assistantships are encouraged to contact their graduate program directly or visit the Graduate School website for more information.



How to Apply to a Position

How to Apply to a Position – PowerPoint (PPT)

For further assistance, contact Ivory Jordan at 252-737-5572 or



Completing Your I-9

Form I-9 is a Federally mandated verification process whose function is to verify the identity and employment authorization of all U.S. and Non-U.S. Citizens employed to work in the United States. If an I-9 is needed, you will be contacted by the SEO and you will receive an email from HireRight to complete Section 1 of the I-9 form. Section 2 must be completed by presenting your actual documents to the SEO. Appointments are not required.

For further assistance, contact Dia Sullivan at 252-737-5570 or



Student Employee Training

It is important that ECU student employees remain successful both inside the classroom as well as in their student jobs. For this reason, ECU requires all students to complete a series of online New Employee Trainings that are accessible in Cornerstone.

The required New Student Employee Trainings include:

  • IT Security Training
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Staff
  • EEO Laws & Discrimination Prevention
  • Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence
  • Confidentiality Agreement




ECU pay periods run from the 1st – 15th and the 16th – last day of the month. Student employee paystubs will reflect time worked for the two weeks prior to when approved time is submitted. This means that as a student employee, you receive pay on the 15th and the last day of the month for work completed in the previous pay period. All work performed between the 1st and the 15th will be paid out via direct deposit on the last day of the month; and all work performed between the 16th and the last day of the month will be paid out on the 15th.



Holiday Schedule/Campus Closings

Student work schedules follows the holiday/closing schedule for the University. Student employees are not paid for University holidays or closings.

During adverse weather conditions, student employees are advised to contact their departmental supervisor to determine whether the University will be open or closed. If open, employees will need to discuss whether reporting to work is required and/or possible based on weather conditions. Student employees are not paid for hours not worked during periods of adverse weather.



Student Employment Affordable Care Act

Student employees who are hired/rehired after January 1, 2015 and work 30 hours or more per week are considered eligible for health insurance and will be notified through email by the Benefits Unit and offered the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).  Those eligible will receive an email with information, an enrollment guide, and the uniform summary of benefits within 30 days of the date eligibility is determined.

If it is determined that you are eligible, the Benefits Unit will contact you through email. If you are not contacted shortly after your hire date, but you think you are eligible for coverage under ACA regulations, contact Trina Baker at 252-328-9889 or or Lee Ann Goff at 252-328-9825 or



National Student Employment Week

Student Employment offers students career-enhancing opportunities, the ability to develop skills relevant in any career, and better preparation for the job market upon graduation. Student employees perform invaluable services with enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative. The ECU campus and the local community depend on the contributions of this reliable workforce for efficient operation. For this reason, ECU participates in National Student Employment Week to draw awareness to the contributions that our student employees make in the multitude of roles they fill.

During this special week, departmental supervisors are given the opportunity to nominate exemplary student employees as recipients of ECU’s Student Employee of the Year Award. Student employee nominees are assessed on the following characteristics:

  • Reliability
  • Quality of work
  • Initiative
  • Professionalism
  • The uniqueness of the student’s contribution to the employer

During this week, students are; in turn, given the opportunity to nominate their Supervisor for ECU’s Supervisor of the Year Award.



Student Employment Newsletter

For more information about Student Employment news and events, refer to our latest Student Employment Newsletter.